My Philosophy

Sustainable is better than perfect and therefore, nourishment should be simple. I strive to use a “back to roots” approach to make eating well and connecting with your body a natural and easy process.

I believe a whole-istic lifestyle is key for optimal health. Not only do I guide you on proper nourishment but also on things like reducing stress and toxins, moving your body, getting restful sleep, and building a healthy relationship with food.

Whether you are looking to conceive, up your nutrition, balance your hormones, nourish your family or whatever the case may be, we always start with laying the foundation first and then building upon that.

I strive for health, not numbers. We focus on real food for real life and supporting my clients in every way possible. 


My Pillars for Health

Nutrient Dense Diet

A whole foods, nutrient dense diet with propper macronutrient ratios, hydration, fatty acid balance and abundant in micronutrients.

Limited Stress

Dietary, enviornmental, and lifestyle stress all contribute to imbalances within the body. Limiting stress is essential in order to achieve optimal health.

Restful Sleep

Rest, recover, rebuild. Sleep aids in every function in the body. This is not something to be overlooked when it comes to wellness.

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